10 Ways in which ALA’s Pardee Learning Commons Redefines Learning

November 13th, 2017

It’s only fitting that an innovative 21st century campus would house a futuristic learning space. So ALA is justifiably proud of the new Frederick Pardee Learning Commons, which opened its doors to students at the start of this new academic year.

Featuring various interconnected in-and outdoor spaces including a BUILD-lab, 45-seat theatre-style classrooms, outdoor classrooms, art studios, a wellness centre and an amphitheatre, the Commons is an architectural masterpiece that supports and complements ALA’s innovative curriculum and programming.

Here’s how the Frederick Pardee Learning Commons redesigns and redefines learning spaces

1. Transparent meeting rooms

2. Classrooms that invite teamwork and collaboration

3. A reimagined library housing print and digital resources, including full connectivity

4. Diverse, comfortable learning areas that suit all modes of study

5. An open air courtyard

6. A mezzanine level that that connects with meeting areas, a video conference space and other teaching rooms, with a large, more traditional library space for quiet and solitary study as central focus.

7. Universal access including for those with impaired mobility

8. Design labs and workshop spaces

9. Exhibits and artifacts that encourage further inquiry and self-directed research

10. Green design initiatives – starting with the construction, which entailed the repurposing of an existing building: the building used to be an industrial printing works.

Take a virtual tour through this futuristic building:



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