Two-Year Participants Move into the Nelson Mandela Residence

September 1st, 2015

On September 1st, we were extremely delighted to welcome a new cohort of young leaders, 96 in our 2015 class and 3 Catalyst Term participants, to our campus, as we looked forward to the start of a new academic year. The opening of our brand new dormitories, the Nelson Mandela residences, which enable us to expand our pan-African community, was also very exciting.

Nelson Mandela Residence

The project was started 2 years ago with the objective of accommodating more of Africa’s young leaders and creating a safe and comfortable as well as inspiring space for students and residential faculty. The final design was informed by a student Architecture master class and a committee composed of staff and faculty of the Academy.  The new dormitory was completed and furnished in August 2015 in time for the commencement of the 2015/2016 session. The Nelson Mandela Residences have capacity for 96 students, ample faculty housing and enhanced spaces for ALA’s young leaders to interact, study and relax.

Lounge area


Dorm room

Thank you to our donors for the continuous support and generosity.

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