7 Reasons to apply early to African Leadership Academy

July 17th, 2017


Are you considering applying to African Leadership Academy (ALA)? Do you seek to develop your leadership skills and grow into an influential changemaker for the African continent?

ALA is an exceptional academic institution that admits the most promising young leaders between the ages of 16 and 19 from across the continent for our Two-Year Diploma Program. Do you have what it takes? Here are 7 reasons to apply early to ALA and take the first step towards joining our program:

1. If you’re on holiday, now is the best time!  You have no school work to do and can spend a sufficient amount of time perfecting your application.

2. If you attend boarding school, now is your chance to talk it over with your parents while you’re at home.

3. You get notified much earlier than regular decision applicants. Cool, right?

4. You’ll have more than enough time to explore other options if this doesn’t work out. You can be absolutely sure where you’ll be studying next year, long in advance.

5. You can request recommendations from your teachers before everyone else starts pestering them.

6. You can start booking your flight early and save your parents some money.

7. You can have a relaxed end to your final year of high school – but don’t stop working hard! (Excelling at school remains a priority).

You will not only complete a unique curriculum that includes courses in Entrepreneurial Leadership, African Studies, Writing & Rhetoric, and Cambridge A-Levels. You will also be immersed in a vibrant community on a beautiful, lush campus in Johannesburg, South Africa. Amongst other things, you will get access to dedicated and committed university guidance counsellors. The best part: you get to be a part of a network of young leaders with the potential to catalyze positive change on the continent. Apply today!

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