ALA's 2023 Strategy

African Leadership Academy will identify, develop, and connect promising individuals, challenging them to unleash large-scale, lasting impact. These leaders will shape Africa's long-term future in a way that benefits all Africans. Ten years into fulfilling this commitment, we look to build upon the successes of our first decade and position ALA to maximize its long-term impact on the continent. Explore the details of our plans through these interactive pages which will be updated regularly as we progress.



Looking Ahead

Over the past ten years, ALA has evolved from an audacious idea to a thriving institution with a passionate, diverse, and committed community. Our strategic planning process has affirmed our commitment to our founding hypothesis: that a deep investment in high-potential youth can unleash dramatic, transformational change. We have seen strong evidence in support of this hypothesis in our first decade. Our young leaders have demonstrated that they are able to imagine and implement solutions to pressing challenges across the continent - from the provision of education, to the delivery of healthcare, to the creation of jobs. As we build towards 2023 we will continue to grow by focusing on three strategic priorities:


Priority 1: Win in the Marketplace

By 2023, African Leadership Academy must become a model social enterprise with a robust financial engine and strong streams of program revenue that will enable our operation in perpetuity.

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Priority 2: A Learning, Innovating, Leading School

Over the next five years, we will grow our understanding of how we can best develop leaders. We will use this knowledge to enhance our programs while also sharing insights with the rest of the sector.

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Priority 3: Unleash the Network

As we grow towards 2023, we will nurture diverse pathways to impact and foster a lifelong, collaborative relationship with alumni.

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