Our Campus

Welcome to the African Leadership Campus Master Plan site. This serves as a journal of the campus's renovation projects. We are on a quest to build a world-class institution that enables our mission of developing the next generation of African leaders. Join us on the journey!


The ALA Campus is a beautiful space on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Since taking occupation 10 years ago and with the generous support of our donors purchasing the property, we’ve been investing heavily. We engaged with a design team with the aim of designing a residential space to house students and faculty as well as a Library for the Future of Africa.  We now have a living document called the ALA’s Campus Master Plan, which is a process and framework for what ALA will be doing with our learning space over the next 20 years and beyond.

In 2015, we broke ground on the first big project – The newly constructed residential wings include that form part of the new Nelson Mandela Residence with 48 Student dorm room, 4 Faculty family home, 10 Faculty apartments, 2 Large courtyards, 2 Laundry facilities, 4 Shared lounges and 2 Sick bays!

In 2016 we began building The Pardee Learning Commons, the second construction project on campus, which will redesign and redefine our learning spaces, positioning ALA as a model for 21st century teaching and learning.

We have built an online coffee table book that tracks the story and progress as we build our campus master plan. We highly recommend you visit it, particularly the timeline and projects sections.

Below is the virtual tour of our latest campus project the Fred Pardee Learning Commons.

Below you will find a brief campus tour in photos.