African Leadership Academy Model African Union – Post Conference Report

June 9th, 2016

About the report

This report was written by Faith Abiodun (Director of ALAMAU). The report highlights this year’s conference and the outcomes that came from the week long simulation. ALAMAU registration for 2017 is now open; and we look forward to your applications. Visit the website to learn more about the registration process and to apply.


African Leadership Academy Model African Union (ALAMAU) is a simulation of the African Union, providing a platform for young leaders to explore the inner workings of the African Union, and to practice international diplomacy by assuming the roles of African leaders. This conference affords delegates the opportunity to study complex African issues, understand the interests and positions of African countries, and learn to successfully negotiate without compromising national interests. ALAMAU aims to empower young leaders to model international cooperation while celebrating diversity and promoting pan-African unity.

The conference experience is, however, not limited to committee sessions; but also includes keynote presentations by African Union officials and foreign policy experts, a diplomatic round-table featuring ambassadors from several countries, educational tours to historic sites and a celebration of cultural diversity through a Cultural Night. Delegates experience a highly intellectual, educative and exciting conference.

There is also be a parallel conference for international educators accompanying students to the conference, as they are exposed to presentations by several thought-leaders in Africa, and engaged in peer learning geared towards developing the next generation of diplomatic African leaders.


This year’s theme was: Empowered by Innovation, United in Development

The theme focused on the fact that even with Africa’s economies continuing to grow there exists a plethora of developmental challenges, and there exists an urgent need to appreciate the countless opportunities for innovation and cooperation in solving the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The delegates explored how African governments can prioritize investment in human and infrastructural capital, while paying attention to global best practices and the formulation of innovative policies that will accelerate the development of the continent. Learn more by clicking on the link below to download the ALAMAU 2016 Report.


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