Culminating Project

The Culminating Project (CP) is the capstone experience in the ALA curriculum, allowing each student to synthesize and put into action the knowledge and skills gained over two years on campus. Each student considers how they want to have impact on the continent and then designs, implements, presents, and reflects on a Culminating Project that will have a lasting positive impact on an African community.

The Culminating Project gives each student an opportunity to apply the insights and skills developed in the LEA curriculum in a practical, hands-on situation of their choosing. The CP is a chance for each student to explore his or her passions and begin having a positive impact on the African continent while still in school. The CP is also an opportunity for students to work closely with faculty and community mentors as they tackle real-world issues.

After implementing and ensuring the sustainability of their projects, students assemble a project portfolio and give a final presentation to the larger ALA community. All projects are presented at the year-end “CP Fair”, a celebration of graduating students’ work that occurs on the day prior to graduation from ALA. 

Some Culminating Projects:

MathemaHelp, South Africa

Mathematics studying tools created by and for secondary school students

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Almas, Uganda/South Africa

A milk butter-based moisturizing lotion with mosquito-repelling properties

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