Frequently Asked Questions

What is the A-level curriculum? Who recognizes it? What courses will be offered?

The A-level is typically a two-year, late-secondary academic course of study that qualifies students for entry into top universities across the continent and around the globe. In fact, the Cambridge International A-level is the world’s most popular international examination for 16-18 year olds. You can find more information at 

African Leadership Academy offers A-Level courses in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, several languages, and some social science subjects. Students may also complete some A-Level courses as “independent study” under the guidance of an ALA faculty member. All students will write exams for at least three A-level subjects.

What is the language of instruction?

Instruction at the Academy is in English. Students with low levels of English proficiency will attend a special English language camp prior to enrolling at the school and will continue in intensive English courses throughout their first year.

What is the academic calendar? When are holidays?

The academic calendar runs from the beginning of September to late June or early July. ALA will have a 3-4 week holiday break in December.

What extracurricular programs, clubs, activities, and sports are offered? What facilities are available for these programs and for art, science, music, and drama?

The beauty of a new school with an entrepreneurial environment is that students have the power to shape what the school looks like and what programs are offered. Our clubs, sports, and other activities are determined by student and faculty interest. If enough students are excited about a particular club, sport, or activity, we empower them to make it happen – whether it be finding facilities, funding, or faculty support. Our state-of-the art campus has facilities that are flexible enough to accommodate a broad range of programming.

What is the boarding environment at ALA?

Students stay in dormitories divided by gender. Most rooms are doubles (two students per room) with a partial partition for privacy in the middle of the room. All students take meals in the student dining hall, which will have a variety of nutritious options and culturally-appropriate foods. Students will follow rules similar to those at any established boarding school, with a curfew and behavioral guidelines.

Are students be able to practice their religious beliefs or cultural customs on campus?

Yes. African Leadership Academy values diversity and encourages all students to practice any religious beliefs or cultural customs that are important to them. Spaces on campus are available for prayer and cultural activities. Students may choose to attend a local church, mosque or synagogue and are escorted to services by a member of the ALA staff.

Do students have the opportunity to go home during breaks? Are trips home funded? What kind of programming does ALA have on campus for students who do not go home during breaks in the calendar?

We know that it can be difficult for students to be away from home for such a long period of time, and we are sensitive to the fact that students will want to return home on breaks if possible. Travel costs for the long (July-August) break will be factored into financial award calculations. We are working to identify individual sponsors who can cover transport for the December break for students receiving financial assistance. During shorter breaks (usually 3-5 days), many students will choose to remain on campus. ALA staff will be present on campus during these breaks to supervise and organize on-campus programming.

How close is the campus to Johannesburg? Is the campus safe? Will students be allowed off campus and if so, in what context?

The campus is located in Honeydew, which is about a 45-minute drive from the city of Johannesburg. The campus is self-contained with security fencing at all boundaries and a 24-hour security staff. Students are not allowed to leave campus except under the supervision of ALA staff members.

Do students have health insurance? Is there be a nurse on campus?

Every student who attends ALA has basic health insurance. ALA has a school nurse and an on-campus sick bay.

Are there minimum requirements for academic performance?

We don’t have a set cut-off for academic performance, but we expect that all accepted students will come from the top 5-10% of their current class at school.

How will I know if my application has been received?

We will send you a message via email or SMS to let you know that your application has been received. If you don’t receive a message within 1 week of submission by email or fax, or within 3 weeks of submission by postal mail, please contact us.

How will you ensure that students can get visas to study in South Africa?

We work with key officials in the South African government to streamline and expedite the visa application process for enrolled students.

Is ALA registered and accountable to the South African Ministry of Education?

ALA is registered as an independent school in South Africa, and we are subject to the same governmental regulations as any other independent school in South Africa. We do not, however, follow the same regulations or curriculum of government secondary schools in South Africa.

Should you wish to speak with an Admissions representative to learn more or even visit the Academy and receive a personal campus tour with an ALA student, please contact us on the following details:

ALA Admissions
Tel: +27 11 699 3000