Student life

Life inside the residence is one of familial support and community, with our aim to provide a happy, safe and homely environment for our students to study and live in.

The Residential block of the Academy is an H-shaped home for all our students and a full team of residential faculty and staff who live together for almost the entire year. There are four girls’ and four boys’ dorms, with an average of 22 students per hall in each.They are separated by a block of offices and amenities, such as a TV lounge and laundry room. There is one main entrance to the dormitory that is secured overnight, and the Residence is protected by access control card system, which limits entry to only the residents of each hall. Each Hall has an emergency fire door, which is permanently armed. There are surveillance cameras, fire extinguishers, and emergency switches on every hall.

Each hall has a name chosen by the second class of the Academy: the girls are Athena Hall, Twawana Hall, Malaika Hall and Les Femmes Gagas. The boys are Jeshi Hall, Titans Hall, The Office and Classified Hall. One residential faculty is in charge of each hall and all facutly members are involved in evening duty which builds a great sense of community. 

Each student has one roommate, unless they are a residential assistant, in which case they get their own room. The roommates are from different countries, regions in Africa, often speak different languages and when possible, a different year group, to allow for as much diversity as possible. The halls meet weekly to bond, learn life skills, organise and solve problems and offer new ideas for the future. The bond between hall members and the roommates is one of the strongest on the campus.

The residence follows a curriculum with topics discussed on a weekly basis including personal hygiene, living with a stranger, loneliness, homesickness and personal organisation. This is lead by the residential faculty member together with the residential assistants and the hall peer counsellor.