Advisor Groups & Houses

In an effort to provide as much varied and valuable support to each individual student, the Academy assigns each student to a Faculty Advisor and a Games House.

Each advisory family has six (on average) students and one parent from the faculty. There are three boys and three girls, selected to be from different countries, cultural backgrounds and regions of Africa, often including multiple first languages. The advisory family meets once a week for an extended picnic lunch in the Quad where bonding is the most important objective. Additionally, as the Faculty will act as a parent, they will provide support for that student regarding emotional, social, psychological and academic questions and act as an advocate for them in the community.

The advisor will help the student choose their subjects, advise on emotional decisions and be a source for social interaction, on or off campus. They will also be able to bear witness to present the character of the student if there is a discipline issue or another difficulty, which faces the student. The advisor will also write the student’s report comments, future recommendation letters, and be a direct contact for the parents or guardians if in need of information on their child. The advisory families become very close, treating each other like brother and sister, mum and dad.

The House system is a further opportunity to provide honest healthy bonding activities for the students and the staff and faculty. It is the only system in place that brings together the entire community. The activities are chosen and designed to be fully inclusive, consisting of fun-filled community bonding and stress relieving games. There are six Houses, named after major rivers on the continent: Tana (Orange), Nile (Yellow), Niger (Red), Congo (Purple), Zambezi (Blue) and Volta (Green).

Each house meets at least once a week to plan social events, coordinate participation in upcoming competitions and build community spirit by playing games and getting to know each other. It is another of the very strong unifying groups on the campus, and activities are always planned to break the routine of the academic calendar, let everyone have fun together, and see each other as human. The activities include dancing, chess, cross country, drama, table tennis, eating, foosball, volleyball, soccer, and choir to name a few. Each House has a student-elected Captain and Deputy who sit on the Student Government as they play such an important role in the Academy.