Dining Services

Food is very essential for everyday of life at the Academy. We aim to ensure no student ever goes hungry and instead builds a healthy and satisfying and diverse diet at the Academy. We offer six meals per day of breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack, dinner and then evening snack. The meals are designed to be of best dietary need for each time of day and timed to be eaten before natural blood sugar levels drop so as to give our students the best base from which to draw their energy for their busy days.

One great advantage of having students from all over the continent is our African meal day, which is Friday lunch, when we all experience the taste of a different country. The kitchen will also always prepare a special meal for all major special occasions, like Eid, Christmas and Easter.

The meals are mostly self-service and self-cleaning with the dining hall set up to encourage social interaction during meals. The entire process is maintained by our Operations Manager, Mrs Hayley van Zyl, and catered by world-renowned cuisine team, Sodexo.