Health and Wellness

Our goal with health and wellness is to teach and build life long practices for healthy and happy students. Our Health Coach, Bonita van Graan, manages a clinic on a daily basis, supported by four fully trained first aid faculty and a team of student aiders to support during the evenings, weekends and with sporting events. Every student is placed on a medical aid scheme if they are not on one already. They are assessed initially by the school doctor, optometrist and dentist and then do a full body wellness examination to learn and monitor some basics of body wellness, like weight, sugar level, cholesterol level and blood pressure.

With the vast range of history and experiences of the students at the Academy, we have built a superb support team to help students to face, deal with, cope, understand and overcome some of these problems, from time management, to self esteem, to previous trauma and abuse. All students are given an initial assessment by our team and then students can opt in for assistance on any matter. Our Wellness Team is professionally trained in coaching, counseling, and psychology, so that if there is need we can get deeper and provide more support. 

Every student also attends weekly wellness sessions, alternating between a gym class to do basic physical activity and learn about effective warm ups and warm downs, for example, and an educative session with post graduate psychology students to teach and discuss social and emotional subjects like relationships, trauma, body image, self discipline and addictive substances.

We work hard to find ways to measure our students’ wellness so that there is a way to mark and build on healthy practises and monitoring unhealthy ones. Each student will take this measurement twice a year whilst at the Academy and it is divided into the six pillars of wellness that the Academy believes in: physical wellness, social wellness, academic wellness, emotional wellness, spiritual wellness and leadership wellness.