Spiritual Life

Like the continent itself, ALA has a diverse spiritual life programme, where we allow all religions and types of spirituality to practise freely. The practising groups vary from year to year, as students and faculty come with their different beliefs, currently we have Muslims, Roman Catholics, Christians, atheists, Ba’hai, Hindus and 7th Day Adventists, to name a few. On a weekly basis there is a Youth 4 Christ prayer and advice session, Juma prayers for Muslims, an inter-faith Christian service and a Roman Catholic service (off campus). We have regular visits from our own Imam, Catholic priest and Christian pastor who come to the campus to guide and lead services and prayer.

The most exciting aspect is the sharing of ideas, knowledge, spiritual strength and beliefs between the religions. There is an interfaith forum where students can share and ask questions, debate and challenge each other. It is most common for students to join their classmates in fasting, vigils and celebrations.

The campus has a dedicated room called the Magenta Room for all spiritual practises.