Student activities/clubs

The Academy has an extremely active student life department, which organises, manages and runs all activities for our students outside of the academic classroom. These include an active Games House programme, an advisory programme, a student government, a social committee to organise weekend entertainment, a mentorship programme, a spiritual life programme to support all the spiritual beliefs and practices on campus and a full sports and athletics programme.

Student Life oversees the health and wellness of the students and monitors all the clubs and societies active on campus, which include currently choir, band, chess, Model United Nations, African dance, and debate. Some unique activities are the Cultural Exchanges, where students from the different regions of the continent present their cultural diversity through song, dance, dress and food.

As the Academy is 100% boarding, the Residential Life programme forms a major part of the students’ life and activities on campus, especially after 7 pm in the evenings and on the weekends. Student Life also handles teaching financial literacy, ensuring all students open bank accounts and learn how to have and manage their money. There is a system of campus employment to offer opportunities for students to gain work experience and earn money while living on campus. We also manage a school shop, which makes essential products available on campus to students at the lowest affordable price.

Student Life manages the contact with the parents, guardians, family and friends back home, offering ways to maintain good and healthy contact and supporting the student through bad news, and celebrating with good news. There is a formidable birthday tradition on campus, and a birthday is never allowed to be forgotten by the entire community.

Another aspect of this department is the school calendar and daily schedule of the students and community to avoid conflicts and unprepared events. The department acts as the liaison between the students and all other departments in the Academy ecosystem and tries to allow the community to learn as much about the student and for the student, to experience the most from their time at this amazing Academy.