World-Class Curriculum

The First Year: A Multidisciplinary Curriculum

During the first year of studies at African Leadership Academy, each student takes a range of multidisciplinary courses designed to highlight connections across disciplines and build deep knowledge within individual subjects of choice. All students will study the core offering of English, Mathematics, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and African Studies. Students will then choose a combination of Cambridge-approved IGCSE, AS or A2 electives that can include courses from the Sciences, the Humanities, Commerce and French. Courses are offered at a range of levels.

The Second Year: Academic Focus Subjects

In the second year, students will continue with the core offering of English, Entrepreneurial Leadership and African Studies. They will also select a combination of higher-level courses from the IGSCE, A or AS Levels that can include courses from the Sciences, the Humanities, Commerce and French. Students who demonstrate sufficient capability are able to additionally pursue higher challenges through Research in the Sciences or the Humanities.

A-Level Examinations: The World’s Most Broadly Recognized University Credential

African Leadership Academy’s academic courses deliver the International A-Level upper secondary qualifications of the Cambridge University International Examinations (CIE). CIE A-Levels are the world's most popular international examination for high school students. A-Levels are accepted as proof of academic preparedness for entry into outstanding universities across Africa and around the world. For more information or specific course syllabi, please visit the CIE website at

Curriculum Summary

African Leadership Academy combines a world-class faculty and unique instructional methods to create a strong student-centered curriculum. The goal of the ALA curriculum is to provide young leaders with the knowledge and inspiration they need to take action as agents of positive change on the African continent.