February 6th, 2015

ALA’s young leaders, staff and faculty dedicated two days last December to showcase their creative talents by exhibiting individual and joint projects, and learning new skills at an annual event tagged ‘Do Something Cool’. This occurred on the ALA campus on the 10th and 11th of December, 2014. Do Something Cool (DSC) is an initiative of the ALA community to explore chosen interests and develop outcomes which are later shared with the rest of the community.

Aya El-Saka, a second year student from Egypt and Raphaelle Nemo, a staff member design a glass-stained painting during DSC 2014

At the start of the fair, members of the community discussed their ideas in groups and were tasked to use already existing materials on the campus for their creations. Some projects involved art, including drawings, paintings, dances and handcrafts, while others involved learning new skills like computer programming, make-up and graphic design. The highlight of the two-day fair was the final showcase in the ALA auditorium where the most impressive projects, including dramas and musical performances, were displayed to the delight of the Academy.

Among the most notable of these creations were collages of Mr. Fred Swaniker and Mr. Chris Bradford created from photos of all members of the Academy by Grace Kinoti, a first-year student from Kenya and Redeat Gebeheyu, a first-year student from Ethiopia. Grace and Redeat explained that the inspiration for this was simply sharing art in a way that included everyone at ALA, because of their passion for the Academy and the people who are a part of it.

DSC proved to be a great success and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all those who participated. Please find photographs and highlights of the event by clicking here and watch an extended video here.

ALA students, Redeat Gebeyehu and Grace Kinoti hold up their collages of founders Fred Swaniker and Chris Bradford

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