Get Involved with ALA

African Leadership Academy: How to Get Involved

African Leadership Academy (ALA) is a pan-African institution that seeks to transform Africa by identifying, developing and connecting the next generation of African leaders. The Academy brings together the most outstanding young leaders from over 44 African countries for an innovative lifelong programme with a unique focus on leadership, entrepreneurship and African studies. ALA seeks to partner with individuals, corporates, governments and foundations in furthering the mission of the institution. Below are ways to get involved.

There are many opportunities for interested people and organizations to get involved with ALA!

Come Meet Our Young Leaders

  • Nothing beats the experience of interacting with our young leaders. We encourage you to visit our campus in Johannesburg on a Monday for our weekly Assembly, or for any of our signature events such as Scientific Research Symposium or Anzisha Prize ceremony. For further details, please visit our website.

Donate to ALA

You may wish to support ALA financially through philanthropic support as an individual, foundation or corporation, or by Building Your Own Campaign to fundraise for ALA.

  • Scholarships - 85% of our young leaders are from disadvantaged backgrounds and hence receive full scholarships.
  • Program Support
  • Operational Support

Connect Us to Your Network

  • Internships: A crucial part of our model is to give our young leaders opportunities to get practical work experience and to build professional networks across Africa. We hope to expand the number of exciting and valuable internship opportunities across the continent for ALA students.
  • Guest Speaker Recommendations: Each week, we expose our students to leaders in all fields – including business, politics, media, and the arts – to share their experiences with our young leaders.
  • Potential Partners or Supports: Connect us to people in your network who could help advance our mission and vision for Africa.

Other ways to get involved

  • Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter at @ALAcademy.
  • Volunteer to be a host family for a student.
  • Recommend high potential young leaders to apply to the Academy, our Gap Year program or the Global Scholars Program.
  • From time to time, ALA posts employment and volunteer opportunities If you would like to join one of the most exciting young non-profits in Africa, please check here for openings.
  • To learn more and to get involved directly with our our Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, click here.

We welcome you to join us in this exciting journey of developing the next generation of African leaders!