Inaugural Class Graduates!

June 10th, 2010

On June 5, 2010, ALA was proud to matriculate its Inaugural Class. In total, 93 students completed either the 2-year diploma program or 1-year certificate program.

The Graduation Celebration commenced on Friday night with a surprise appearance by popular South African rapper HHP (pronounced double-H P). His acoustic set was a mixture of spoken word performance, motivational speech and singing with students fully encouraged to participate.

Saturday morning started early with ALA’s second Leadership Symposium kicking off at 8:30. In total, 12 students presented to the packed auditorium, with 4 students — Michael Kayemba, Joseph Munyambanza, Miranda Nyathi and Edward Ndopu — giving extended multimedia presentations about their journeys and their passions for Africa.

Every student project – whether a Community Service project, Student-Run Business or Original Idea for Africa, has a display booth in the courtyard, showing what they had achieved and in many cases selling merchandise to raise funds for their projects.

Before the actual Graduation Commencement Ceremony, the Founders’ Wall was revealed, showcasing over 1,000 bricks each inscribed with the names of supporters, donors and contributors engraved.

Belinda Munemo gave the Valedictorian Address and Seth Mazibuko, who was a key organizer of the June 16, 1976 uprising and then spent 7 years in the Robben Island prison with Nelson Mandela, and went on to be a champion for inclusive, equal education for all South Africans, gave the Convocation Address.

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