Interested in working at ALA & ALU? We’re coming to Casablanca to meet you!

October 30th, 2015

Staffulty 2013-14

African Leadership Academy (ALA) and its university affiliate (ALU) are excited to announce a joint recruitment event in Casablanca on 7th November, 2015. We are looking to engage with a diverse set of global changemakers: world-class professionals who share our values and passion for Africa and her youth. We are actively looking to hire talented individuals with a variety of backgrounds for roles in Academics, Marketing, Strategic Partnerships, Admissions, etc. Positions will be based in South Africa and Mauritius.

With a large number of North African students coming to ALA and ALU, we are excited to recruit talented and passionate North African individuals to work with our teams and provide guidance and mentorship to our Arabophone students.

RSVP now to book your place, we look forward to meeting you in–person:

  • Location:                    Hotel Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche Rue Sidi Belyout, 20 190, Casablanca
  • Phone:                         +212 522 456 21
  • Date & Time:            7th November 2015,  2:00 PM


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