Why I Love Our New Learning Commons

November 10th, 2017
Fridah Mbwaya- Kenya

I think I enjoy the versatility of the spaces, because we can do much more; we can have group discussions in the conference rooms without disturbing anyone, and I love that we can have our ALApella in the Build Lab, because it’s a big space with beautiful echoes. You have individual silent reading in the Green room, so it’s like a big package – I don’t have to stay in my room.

– Fridah Mbwaya, Kenya




I go there because it’s a controlled environment; I like being able to study in a quiet, serene environment. And of course, there are teachers who can help me when I need it.

– James Sloane, South Africa

Rahma Safraoui-Tunisia

I love the fact that there is a library with a lot of African writers; before, you couldn’t get hold of those books. I also love that they asked our opinions on our favourite writers and novels and took that into consideration

– Rahma Safraoui, Tunisia

Jitu Dribssa-Ethiopia

It can accommodate any type of activity, so if a person wanted quiet time or private study, if people want group study there are also spaces for that. And if this group discussion needs projection, there are TVs that they can use to project their works on. And there are outside spaces to go to.

– Jitu Dirbssa, Ethiopia


Orein Jafter-Zimbabwe

It's a quiet environment where I can interact with my peers, and collaborate when we work towards creating change.
Orein Jafter, Zimbabwe




Idriss Bennis-Morocco

What works for me is the fact that I can play music while studying – I can close myself off, plug the music I love into the TV and focus better. Those rooms are the best.

– Idriss Bennis, Morocco




Aimee Nimbona-Burundi

I love the ways that it reflects our values – so inspiring. It’s better when you're right there than in your room.

– Aimee Nimbona, Burundi


Samira Souley Hassane-Niger

I think the Green room upstairs is a beautiful place to get inspiration when you need it, and to be alone and get work done; it helps you to focus.

– Samira Souley, Niger


I love the fact that it is a spacious, and designed for students to learn in different rooms when collaborating; it’s great for people who like nature – it’s designed to help students to learn on their own.

– Fadekemi Agboola, Nigeria


Flower Akaliza (glasses) -RwandaKenya

The boardrooms are conducive to a work environment. It’s spacious too – I feel like the whole school can be in the commons and I can still be on my own.

– Flower Akaliza, Rwanda


What I really like is that it’s a space where I can be as productive as possible, because I like to work in a quiet environment and the Commons caters for that. At my previous school I wasn’t always excited about going to class but something about that environment always makes me want to learn. I really like the furniture, too; the characters and colours are really nice. It’s a lively environment, not dull.

Noemi Duker, Ghana

Felix Morara-Kenya

It has a lot of space, and I love the fact that there’s variation; I can be outside and inside, and the colours are a big deal: When I’m happy, I go to the Yellow room and the colours help lift my mood; when I need to think I go into the White one.

– Felix Morara, 19

Click on the button below and take a visual tour through the Learning Commons. This video was produced by our students.

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