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By doing an internship, students and alumni practice what they learn in the unique leadership and entrepreneurship classes offered at ALA, explore career options, gain exposure to industry fields and learn about the inner workings of a wide variety of organisations across the continent.

With Africa poised to become the continent to offer the best global returns on investments in the foreseeable future, many organizations are struggling to identify and recruit local talent. With nearly 500 young leaders from 45 African countries, ALA is a warehouse of Africa’s top talented youth. We are able to provide organizations with early access to this rare form of human capital. The internships model allows for organizations to “try before they buy,” by selecting and hosting interns in their organizations. Many of our partner organizations appreciate the opportunity to test out our young leaders with a view to possible future employment.

Not only do the internship opportunities provide exceptional learning opportunities for our young leaders, but partner organizations who have supported ALA’s internship program have commented favorably on the caliber of the interns as well as their ability to deliver value on their internship projects. For more information, visit

On a continent with so much potential for growth, Africa Careers Network seeks to facilitate economic and social development through Africa’s youth. It enables its network of well-educated, ethical and entrepreneurial-minded young people to go back to Africa, and give back to their communities through employment in public and private sectors.

ALA is proud to announce the official launch of the Africa Careers Network web portal!

This is a dynamic resource designed to make sure that you as a young leader in the ALA network, have everything you need to be successful in the working world.

The portal allows you to search for an internship in the sector or company of your choice and in all regions of Africa. You will find a selection of opportunities as well as reports from former interns who have completed similar internships. You will also find valuable lessons on everything from dress code to formal email writing.

Click here to visit the new portal!