Lifelong Network

ALA Builds a Lifelong Network for Our Students and Alumni


ALA’s young leaders maintain their close-knit community beyond the walls of the Academy. Graduates participate in regional reunions, our annual African Leadership Indaba gathering, and informal networking throughout the year.


ALA’s young leaders have access to a wide array of career-oriented opportunities upon graduation, including internships across the continent, speaking engagements at conferences around the world, and mentoring relationships in support of their further studies and endeavors.


ALA continues to support its young leaders as they enter university, launch ventures, and pursue their goals beyond the Academy. Many ALA graduates keep in close touch with ALA faculty members and counselors, who help them build important relationships outside the Academy.


ALA Chapters serve three key functions: supporting ALA’s young leaders in specific regions, spreading the word about ALA’s mission and African issues, and cultivating donors. ALA Chapter members have connected ALA graduates with internship opportunities, introduced them to meaningful networks, and organized small and large-scale fundraising events.  Learn more by contacting

ALA Hosts

ALA host families support ALA’s young leaders as they enter university. ALA hosts greet graduates at the airport, help them set up their dorm rooms, and house them overnight during school holidays. Learn more by contacting