Our Campus

Welcome to the African Leadership Campus Master Plan site. This serves as a journal of the campus's renovation projects. We are on a quest to build a world-class institution that enables our mission of developing the next generation of African leaders. Join us on the journey!


In September 2014, we engaged with a design team with the aim of designing a residential space to house students and facutly as well as a Library for the Future of Africa. We have been working on developing ALA’s Campus Master Plan, a process and framework of what ALA will be doing and what it will look like in 20 years and beyond.



The newly constructed wings include that form part of the new Nelson Mandela Residence :

  • 48 Student dorm rooms

  • 4 Faculty family homes

  • 10 Faculty apartments

  • 2 Large courtyards

  • 2 Laundry facilities

  • 4Shared lounges

  • 2 Sick bays


The Pardee Learning Commons, the second construction project on campus, will redesign and redefine our learning spaces, positioning ALA as a model for 21st century teaching and learning. The libraries of the past were houses for books. The  new paradigm of learning, the physical form of the library materials loses it meaning: libraries are no longer facilities dedicated merely to the storage and distribution of books. They offer versatile access to various sources. Library material is increasingly more often ‘immaterial,’ independent of place (the internet) or temporary (e.g. educational events, performances).


ala library



Contributions towards our campus renovations are welcome and appreciated. Join us in our quest to develop a 21st century campus for the next generation of African leaders