Student and Alumni Ventures


Quality jobs created


Raised by and invested in their organizations

6 Million

Stakeholders reached though their work

I am Kenyan

Country: Kenya
Founder: Sophie Mvurya
ALA Class of 2010

The I Am Kenyan project aims to promote the Kenyan identity by fostering ethnic reconciliation after decades of ethnic tension in Kenya. In the build up to the 2013 elections, Sophie ran a photo campaign which attracted 21,000 participants. In November 2014, Sophie was profiled on BBC as one of the “Ten Teens Who Changed the World” for her work developing I am Kenyan.


Country: Morocco
Founder: Ziyad El Mouniri
ALA Class of 2010

Lankey is a study abroad company that offers French and Arabic programs in Morocco for university students from around the world. Ziyad has 10 full-time employees and revenue in excess of $100,000.

Remittance Capital

Country: Kenya
Founder: Brian Macharia
ALA Class of 2008

Remittance Capital is an investment company focused primarily on real estate investment in Kenya. Brian employs 2 permanent staff members and 15 waged workers.

Savana Online

Savana logo

Country: Kenya
Founders:Bradley Opere, Anthony Maina, Jason Oteng-Nyame, Gabriel Wamunyu, Dofan Aziz-Kone and Tapiwa Sondayi
ALA Class of 2011

Savana is a grocery supply and delivery service based in Nairobi, Kenya. The business uses e-commerce as a platform to improve the quality of the shopping experience for individuals and businesses alike. Clients include: restaurants, offices, churches, stores and school cafeterias.