The Power of the ALA Network

September 29th, 2016


ALA alumni are fortunate to have opportunities that enable them to re-connect with one another, share experiences, and renew their focus on the continent; in various ways. They regularly participate in a series of leadership development activities, share ideas, and actively collaborate on ventures and projects that impact the continent, some of which happens during the annual reunions known as Indabas. That is the power of the ALA network!

For alums, Bradley Opere (Kenya) and Goodman Lepota (South Africa), being part of ALA’s powerful network of young leaders has been tremendous in furthering their respective leadership aspirations. In March 2012, Bradley Opere (Kenya) and Goodman Lepota (South Africa) ran against each other for Student Government Chairman at ALA. So it came as no surprise when four years later, Bradley was nominated for Student Body President of the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and one of the first people he called was former ALA classmate, Goodman Lepota.  The two young African leaders, one who ran a campaign virtually with a budget of $250 all while being 580 miles away at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY – and the other who wanted to leave a legacy at one of the oldest public schools in America – made history. Bradley was inaugurated as the first African Student Body President at University of North Carolina– Chapel Hill. A remarkable feat!

Furthermore, Bradley’s campaign was funded by another ALA alum, Michael Kayemba, from the inaugural class (ALA Class of 2008).

Explore the ALA network: a story of two changemakers.

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