Donald Gips

Donald Gips served as the United States Ambassador to South Africa 2009-2013. In
recognition for his efforts in this role, the US State Department awarded him the 2010 Sue M.
Cobb Award for Exemplary Diplomatic Service. Don’s previous roles include: Assistant to the
President, leader on the Presidential Transition Team, and running the office of Presidential
Personnel, overseeing the selection of several thousand political appointments for the Obama
Administration. Don is dedicated to promoting a culture of service and helped launch the US’s
national service program, Americorps. Before entering government, he was a consultant at
McKinsey & Company. Don received an MBA from the Yale School of Management, where
he was honored as a Donaldson Fellow, and his BA from Harvard University, where he
received the Ames Award and the Paul Revere Frothingham Prize.