Jacob Hinson

Chief Investment Officer, KTH

Jacob joined KTH as CIO from September 2011. Prior to joining KTH he was a senior director at Actis LLP based in Johannesburg where he spent the previous seven years. In addition to having concluded several transactions in South Africa, Jacob has been involved in transactions across emerging markets, most notably in West Africa where he led one of the first LBO’s in that market, East Africa, Brazil and China. While at Actis LLP he was also responsible for managing and co-ordinating the industrial sector focus across the various offices in Africa.

Jacob started his career in Corporate Finance initially within PwC’s corporate finance team and subsequently as a senior associate at Deutsche Bank’s corporate finance division in Johannesburg.

Jacob currently serves as a non-executive director of Actom South Africa (Pty) Limited.

Jacob obtained his BCom degree from the University of Cape Town and completed his training as a chartered accountant with PwC. Jacob is a CFA charter holder and is registered with the CFA institute in the USA.