Kofoworola Kuyinu

Nigeria | Assistant Dean for Pastoral Care

Kofoworola Kuyinu, a Nigerian, has over thirty years of teaching experience to her credit.  For over a decade she taught at various government owned   secondary schools. In one of the schools, when she discovered that there was no school library, she took the initiative of soliciting for donation of books and money from individuals and corporate bodies to set one up.

This led to an increased interest in reading on the part of the students. She later joined the staff of The International School, University of Ibadan (ISI) where she successfully presented her students for national and international (Cambridge and IGCSE O Level) examinations in English Literature.

She also acted in various supervisory and co-ordinating capacities while in ISI.

This included co-ordinating the school’s Drama Club which presented at least one play per year. Prior to joining ALA, she was the Principal of Maverick College, a co-educational secondary school in Nigeria.

She believes that intellectual development is incomplete without a matching development of the individual’s character. She therefore goes the extra mile to incorporate the teaching of right values into her classroom teaching and day to day interactions with students. She believes that the dearth of ethical leadership in Africa can be addressed through the encouragement of proper character development of her youth.

She obtained her B.A. degree from the University of Ife, M.L.S. in Library, Archival and Information Studies and Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from the University of Ibadan. She is also a character educator trained by the Josephson Institute, USA.