Margaret Nkrumah

Education Expert
Remunerations and Nominations Subcommittee

Margaret has served as the Vice-President of SOS-Kinderdorf International and Vice-President of SOS Children’s Villages Ghana and has been a member of the Senate since 2003. She is the first African to occupy a top position in the history of SOS Children’s Villages. For decades, she has made many positive changes in the field of education, not only for SOS Children’s Villages but also within various African and international education networks. Margaret Nkrumah studied in Great Britain and Ghana.

She worked as a teacher in various schools in Ghana and Zimbabwe before she became director of the SOS Hermann Gmeiner International College in Tema in 1992. During the 18 years that she was in charge, the College developed into a talent pool for young people from Africa and the doors of universities across the world were opened for them as a result of it. The school has mainly become an education institute with pupils who look at the potential, the particularities and the perspectives of the African continent.