Michael Gyampo

Ghana | Deputy Principal

Michael Gyampo has over 15 years of experience leading the implementation of science curricula in international schools and is well versed in all major curricula offered in the international education space. He has led a way in establishing standards for teaching and learning of science in a number of leading educational institutions, including the renowned SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College.

Upon arriving to ALA, he played an important role as Head of Science. Currently, he is in a managerial role of Deputy Principal. Michael oversees the effective implementation of the unique ALA curriculum that merges the academically demanding Cambridge AS/A Level program with the innovative Entrepreneurial Leadership and African Studies programs, both uniquely developed and run by the Academy.

He holds a BSc (Hons.) from the University of Science and Technology in Ghana, a PGCE from the Institute of Education (University of London), and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Management.