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Our Impact

ALA's growing network of young leaders is catalyzing transformative change on the African continent and beyond.

Annual Reports & Strategic Plans

ALA's Annual Reports are a powerful window into our history and plans for the future. In 2012, we produced our 2017 Strategic Plan which is available for reading and in 2017 we will release our 2022 Strategic plan to guide the next five years of our growth.

Young Leaders
Admission Rate
African Countries Represented

 1180 young leaders in the ALA network representing 46 countries in Africa are catalyzing transformative change on the African continent. 5% admission rate.

177 ventures founded by ALA alumni that thrive in 35 countries across the world, creating 499 quality jobs.

Ventures founded by ALA alumni
Countries alumni ventures located
Quality jobs created through alumni ventures
Leading universities attended by ALA alumni
Financial aid accepted by ALA alumni

162 leading universities across the globe are attended by ALA alumni where ALA students have collectively accepted over $117m in university scholarship aid.

1765 internships have been secured through ALA’s unique Careers and Internships program, Africa Careers Network (ACN). 79% of the internship and job placements are across 39 African countries to date. 62% of job placements of ALA's first four cohorts of university graduates are on the African continent.

Internships secured through ACN
Opportunities in Africa
African countries opportunities secured
Young entrepreneurs
Countries across Africa
In cash prizes to invest in their ventures

ALA’s Anzisha prize, a premier award for young African entrepreneurs, has recognized and awarded 82 entrepreneurs from 28 countries across the continent. These young entrepreneurs have collectively received over $495,000 in cash prizes to invest in their ventures.