Seminal Readings: What defines a good society?

January 28th, 2019

Our young leaders kicked off the new year and a new school term with a long-standing tradition of the Academy; Seminal Readings.

As one of ALA’s most enriching curriculum activities, Seminal Readings is a period where students and staffulty engage in conversations across different issues in the world while challenging their personalities and perspectives on the content of the texts that they read.

Each year group is given a general topic for the week which ties all the readings together.

This term, the Year One students considered a series of seminal texts that outlined prejudice in human societies, and offer insights into the way these are shaped, while our Year Two students were asked: “What defines a good society?”

Students highlighted that what they love most about practicing the discipline of close reading is that it breaks down the traditional constructs of what school is and what learning looks like, and through communal dialogue, they are able to challenge themselves to think deeper and consider other beliefs.


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