Temp Keller

Co-Founder & CEO, Templeton Learning

Temp oversees and plays an operating role in both WonderLab and Blyth-Templeton Academy. Both models have been largely informed by his work in 2012 as an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Acton Academy, a private elementary and middle school in Austin, TX that aims to move learners (teachers and students) from receivers of knowledge to self-seekers of knowledge. Temp is the former Managing Director of Innovations for Learning, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization that develops innovative technology to improve early elementary education. He is also the Founder, former President and Chairman of Resources for Indispensable Schools and Educators, a national nonprofit organization working to connect second-stage teachers with schools in low-income communities where they will be more likely to succeed and remain in teaching. Temp serves on several for-profit and non-profit Boards, including TK Capital, LLC, U.S. based manufacturing firms, as well as Kids Science Labs, a learning center providing hands-on science classes and camps to kids ages 2-12. He received his B.A. in Politics from Princeton University and his Masters in Business Administration from The University of Chicago.