Save The Date: Where to Connect with ALA in December

September 28th, 2018

ALA hosts various summits and conferences throughout Africa during the academic year, linked to our various programs.
Here's what to look out for in December...

Leadership Accelerator

The Leadership Accelerator for Exceptional High School Seniors is a one-day gathering for high achieving secondary school students in their penultimate yer, to advance their knowledge and application of self-leadership and entrepreneurial and beyond for community impact in preparation for post-secondary education and beyond, by learning from leadership experts and award-wining entrepreneurs, and networking with other young leaders of similar ilk.

Key Dates and Locations

Teaching Africa

A workshop series for educators seeking new and better ways to teach African and global studies, these immersive 1½ day experiences, with evening programming and an African-inspired meal, features:

  • ALA’s unique African Studies content, curriculum and pedagogy
  • Discussions on ethics and the conscious teaching of Afrocentric history, culture, and narratives
  • Resources for and feedback on individualized lesson plans that participants will draft for their own classrooms or programs
  • Examples of meaningful and authentic assessments
  • Techniques for connecting courses, units, and lesson plans to real world experiences both on and off the continent
  • Opportunities to socialize and connect with other passionate educators
  • Access to post-workshop communications and networking with other Teaching Africa attendees and stakeholders

Key Dates and Locations

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