A Learning, Innovating, Leading School

Our second strategic priority is to build upon and share our knowledge of excellent approaches to youth leadership development. ALA enjoys an immensely privileged position as an educational institution. We are a magnet for exceptional young leaders and educators; we are not required to adhere to rigid external standards or constraining curriculum; we have committed, engaged, and trusting parents; and we are not weighed down by historical legacy. As we enter our second decade, we feel a responsibility to leverage this privileged position by investing in institutional learning and innovation.


In 2023, ALA will continue to feel as it does today, and did in 2013 or 2008: with a passionate community and relentless commitment to our vision, mission, and values. But our program will not look as it does today: our school year, school day, curriculum, assessments, and reports will evolve significantly to reflect our deeper understanding of how we accelerate trajectories and enable transformative leadership. Each year, we will map a learning agenda, with a set of experiments that will test new adaptations to our curriculum and program.


We will take our role as a leading school seriously, sharing our emerging learning with the world, and opening ourselves to input, ideas, and feedback from others beyond our campus. We will embrace the work of innovation and improvement as an ongoing process, having embedded a culture that relishes continuous improvement for years to come for the benefit of ALA, Africa, and the world.