Win in the Marketplace

Our first strategic priority is to “win the market,” reaching more students, parents, teachers, and leaders around the world. We will strive to be an exemplary social enterprise by 2023. To achieve this goal, we must strengthen our revenue streams, increase enrollment across our suite of educational programs, and raise awareness within new markets. A robust financial engine and strong streams of program revenue will enable us to continue pursuing our vision of a peaceful and prosperous Africa for many years to come.


We will grow our exceptional leadership development programs for youth: our high-impact short programs and conferences such as Model African Union; our outstanding summer camps and Global Scholars Program; and our flagship two-year Diploma Program.


While ALA has attracted exceptional young leaders to campus to date, we remain anonymous in too many key markets, with too few parents aware of the transformational nature of our programs. Over the next five years, we will invest in our programs, sales, marketing, and storytelling such that we are rightly recognized for excellence with respect to our core competencies: identifying, developing, and connecting future leaders. We will more effectively communicate our mission and model to families in differentiated markets, such that ALA will be the school and camp provider of choice for promising young leaders from all countries and backgrounds.


By building demand for our programs and strengthening our financial engine, we will evolve from a financial model that today is too reliant on philanthropy while ensuring that we can maintain our current commitment to scholarship opportunities for promising youth from disadvantaged backgrounds.