Strategic Plan 2017

In 2012, we developed ALA 2017, a comprehensive strategic plan informed by feedback from students, staff, trustees, parents, partners, and supporters around the world.

ALA 2017 lays down three priorities to guide our decision making over a five year period. A clearly articulated strategy enables ALA to better translate our bold mission into annual and quarterly objectives, and ultimately into the work we do each day to shape Africa’s future:

Financial Sustainability

We aim to generate the majority of our financial resources from sources other than donors by 2017.

This commitment to self-reliance will help ensure that ALA remains strong for the hundred-year journey that lies ahead of us

Refining our Program

We aim to use the lessons we have learned since we opened our doors to refine the way we identify, develop, and connect Africa’s future leaders.

We do this with a particular focus on ensuring that our young leaders return to build their careers and provide a lifetime of leadership to the African continent, continually applying the mindset, approach, skills, and networks developed at ALA to solve the continent’s greatest challenges.

Great People, Great Infrastructure

We place a special emphasis on attracting, retaining, and developing our team of professionals: the faculty that nurtures, mentors, and educates our young leaders, and the staff that leads and manages the overall ALA ecosystem.

We aim to improve our facilities, information technology, and financial systems to enable us to operate in a truly world class manner.