ALA Alumni

The Alumni Experience

At ALA, we believe that it takes several years to become a transformative leader, and we continuously engage with and support our students in their transition to university, as they start careers, launch ventures, and pursue their goals beyond the Academy walls.

ALA provides alumni with life-long access to powerful networks, support and opportunities that will accelerate their impact and leadership journeys.

In the past 18 months, our network engagement has been ignited through events, career opportunities and thought leadership forums.

There are a number of ways in which Alumni can support ALA and strengthen its network of young African leaders.

Young leaders have attended 10 monthly virtual Member Hangouts led by the Task Team
Have attended 3 Master Classes, especially on Agri-Tech
Have attended 5 Speaker Series featuring industry leaders.
Have attended 5 webinars on agribusiness and agricultural entrepreneurship.


Local and Global Conferences

From career and internship opportunities, career coaching to conferences and professional development opportunities around the globe, ALA provides alumni with life-long access to powerful opportunities that accelerate their impact and leadership journeys.



From ALA’s  Annual Indabas across the continent and in the USA to smaller chapter events, ALA’s alumni participate in a range of networking events, allowing them to connect with each other, build their professional networks and foster connections that could propel their initiatives to new heights.


Become a Host Family to Graduates

ALA offers its alumni a range of support structures, from host families, peer mentors and a Graduate Steering Committee, helping alumni adjust to their lives beyond the ALA campus.

Redefine Expectations

Africa’s future will be shaped by young people who commit each day to think differently, to break boundaries, and to do hard things.

Where expectations are low, mediocrity thrives. But we must not simply set higher expectations. We must redefine our expectations entirely, recognizing that the opportunities and possibilities in Africa are limited only by our own imagination and commitment.

At ALA, we believe that young people can dream big, take action and change the world. Our youth are not only our hope for the future. They are our leaders today. They will be Africa’s greatest generation.

Together, we will redefine expectations.

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Dream Big

Take Action

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