Derek Smith

Dean of the Academy

Derek’s journey as an educator began in 1995 when he volunteered as a math teacher in rural Guinea-Bissau. Since that first experience on the continent, Derek has had a rich and wide-ranging experience as an educator, school leader, and professional across West Africa. Aside from a short stint in Poland, where he worked with Japanese and South Korean students, Derek has dedicated his career to African schools. He has taught and led at schools in Togo, the Gambia, and Nigeria. His most recent post has been as the principal for the school housed at the IITA (International Institute of Tropical Agriculture) research facility in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Prior to joining the International School of IITA, Derek was the principal at Olashore International School in Iloko-Ijesa, Nigeria. Derek was at Olashore for six years, and during that time he led the transformation of the school’s leadership and academic programs.