Mopati Morake

Director, Teaching & Learning

Mopati is the Director of Teaching and Learning at ALA. Mopati teaches students, manages and coaches teachers, works as an advisor, helps crafts curricula and works with other Head of Departments to shape a learning innovating and leading school. Mopati’s Writing & Rhetoric course enables the 21st century leaders he is training to properly write, articulate, and effectively communicate their ideas.

Mopati joined ALA in 2011 as a Teaching Fellow. In 2014, he continued his career as a faculty member before being promoted to Head of Department in 2017. He has been at ALA for the majority of his professional career, bar a year in grad school where he taught history at Northampton High School in Massachusetts.

Mopati is a present and enthusiastic member of the ALA community. He is an active part of the team that orchestrates the Seminal Readings program at the start of the semester at ALA.