Nicole Gwindi

Head of Residence

Nicole Gwindi is a Zimbabwean-born and Johannesburg-based program designer, community culture curator, and data analyst. Nicole possesses nine years of experience working in education, management consulting, human capital training and development. Her key expertise areas include monitoring and evaluation, youth empowerment, management of human capital, and leadership in non-profit organisations. Nicole has relied on evidence-based planning, research, execution and reflection while astutely paying attention to detail.

Nicole’s current role in education positions her to lead in raising ethical leaders that will drive innovation and development in Africa and around the world. Particularly, her impact is measured through her roles of planning and managing portfolios of inter-disciplinary youth program streams, monitoring, evaluating and learning from strategic and operational efforts, as well as empowering and influencing a team of ~20 professionals to cultivate a culture of value-driven management, academic support, and meaningful social impact in their responsibilities.