Why Give

To make sure we continue to accept only the very best ALA applicants

ALA’s commitment to select only the very best applicants – those who demonstrate the greatest potential to transform the continent – comes at a price. ALA considers applicants using a very rare need-blind and need-based admissions model. Need-blind means that an applicant’s finances are not considered in the admissions process, and need-based aid means that ALA will give admitted applicants as much support as they need, in the form of forgivable loans, to make sure that all admitted students are able to attend ALA, regardless of financial circumstance. This model is so rare that only 5 colleges and universities in the United States offer need-blind, need-based assistance to international students. If you believe this very rare model is worth upholding, please support us.

Alumni giving inspires other donors to support ALA

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, every dollar donated by ALA alumni will be multiplied! The exact multiplier factor will increase as the year progresses, since we will recruit more and more donors to support this campaign.

Also, every alum counts! Donors will make special awards to ALA as we reach certain percentage participation levels from alumni. We can only unlock these donations together! Stay tuned for updates on the latest on Matching and Milestone Award Donors!