Graduate Host Family Program

Many of the young leaders from African Leadership Academy (ALA) decide to pursue university or gap year studies in the U.S. after graduating from the Academy. ALA’s US-based Graduate and Chapters team works with each ALA alum studying in the USA to place him or her with a matching Graduate Host. Graduate Hosts play an important role in this transition to life after ALA. While ALA graduates live on campus at their universities, Graduate Hosts help these young leaders adjust to their new surroundings and offer them a source of ongoing support. ALA Graduate Hosts often greet graduates at the airport, help them set up their dorm rooms, and house them overnight during school holidays. By providing guidance and a sense of community, Graduate Hosts ensure that ALA’s young leaders continue to succeed after ALA.


Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are ALA graduates trained to provide social and emotional support to their fellow young leaders. Through both group sessions and individual discussions, Peer Mentors are available to advise their peers on decision making, conflict resolution and other issues, such as time management and social interactions.
The Peer Mentor program is managed by an Advisory Group, which includes ALA graduates and staff members.

Graduate Steering Committee

ALA's Graduate Steering Committee (GSC) is the foundation for what will likely become the institutionalized Alumni Body that will shape ALA’s alumni life-long engagement and influence the long-term strategy of ALA. The Graduate Steering Committee aims to facilitate long-term relations between alumni and the Academy and channel communication between ALA and the broader Alumni network.