African Leadership Academy is unlike any other educational institution you will come across.

At ALA, you will be challenged to realize your academic and leadership potential.

At ALA, you will join an intentional community, working to address the economic, social and political issues confronting Africa.

At ALA, you will begin your journey toward changing the world.

Applications are now open for the class of 2025! Click Apply Now below to start your application.

We seek to identify the young leaders most likely to change the world.

We are on a mission to find brilliant young people. Our goal is to discover the brightest minds that possess the potential to transform the future of our continent.

We are not solely interested in students who excel academically; rather, we seek young individuals who possess the courage, initiative, and drive to make a positive impact on the world around them through their innovative ideas and forward-thinking initiatives.

Hear from the ALA Students

Selection Criteria

The ALA admissions process is designed to assess each candidate’s leadership potential and compatibility with our unique diploma program. Our approach is holistic, taking into account various factors such as intellectual readiness, courage, perseverance, ownership, and interdependence. We understand that diversity is a vital component of community strength, so we seek to build a class with students from various backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.

At ALA, we do not expect uniformity; instead, we celebrate our differences and encourage our students to learn from one another. We assess each applicant individually, and no single factor, except age, will be used to exclude any candidate. For admission in 2025, applicants must have been born on or after September 1, 2005.


Intellectual Readiness

Are you excited to push the boundaries of your learning?

  • ALA students demonstrate academic achievement through strong performance and consistent improvement in their secondary school. They are driven to learn and achieve, and they set high standards for themselves. Their academic performance gives confidence that they can thrive in the rigorous ALA curriculum.
  • ALA students are intellectually curious. Their learning is not confined to a classroom. They seek to learn from every opportunity and challenge and aspire to be lifelong learners. They delight in learning when faced with an unfamiliar problem or new idea.
  • ALA students demonstrate critical thinking and can break down complex problems in the classroom and beyond.


Courage & Perseverance

Do you take the initiative to try new things and rigorously follow through even when you face setbacks?

  • ALA students have initiative. They have the courage to do hard things when they set their mind to something that feels important. They are not easily deterred.
  • ALA students follow through. They persevere through challenges and are resilient, with the fortitude to push through failure.
  • ALA students are self-driven. They do not wait for instructions or only act when told by others. They take ownership of their own learning and leadership journey.



Do you have a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the world?

  • ALA students are ambitious. They dream big; they set the bar high and push themselves to meet those standards.
  • ALA students have a commitment to positive change and aspire beyond success for themselves to lives of significance, in which they are remembered for their impact on others.
  • ALA students show a passion for Africa and aspire to play a role in the continent’s advancement.



Are you excited to work and learn alongside other promising young people from across the continent in ALA’s diverse community

  • ALA students are resourceful and seek help when needed. They are not afraid to seek help or activate their networks when they need support.
  • ALA students are interested in engaging with those from different backgrounds and who have differing opinions. We believe that differences should be celebrated as a source of community strength. ALA students embrace differences of opinion, valuing respectful and productive dialogue as an avenue for individual and communal learning.
  • ALA students foster relationships with others and value building meaningful relationships and partnerships with those in their community.
  • ALA students practice gratitude, acknowledging, with humility, that their success builds upon the efforts of others.


July 15, 2024

Applications open for the class of 2025

October 15, 2024

Early Decision deadline

January 15, 2025

Regular Decision deadline

January 2025

Early Decision results are released for the entry class of 2025

April 2025

Regular Decision results are released for the entry class of 2025

Submitting your application by the Early decision deadlines only guarantees earlier notice of your admissions decision.

Nominate a young leader for ALA

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Financial Aid

Since its inception, ALA has been committed to making the diploma program accessible for all successful applicants. Everyone who applies and is then admitted to ALA, regardless of background or nationality, is eligible to receive significant financial assistance.

97% of ALA students receive financial assistance.

Everyone who applies and is then admitted to ALA, regardless of financial background or nationality, is eligible to receive significant financial assistance in the form of scholarships towards studying at ALA and accessing membership to our lifelong network. The cost of tuition at ALA is $30,900 per year. African Leadership Academy fees are all-inclusive, including tuition, accommodation, meals, and uniforms.

At ALA, the value of financial awards is determined after admissions decisions have been made. Fees charged to a given student will be based on a family’s financial means. We expect that every family will stretch themselves to finance the ALA education, just as we ask ALA’s network of supporters from around the world to stretch themselves to ensure that every admitted student is able to attend. Students from more financially disadvantaged backgrounds receive more significant financial assistance from ALA, and families with more resources are expected to contribute more to their child’s education at ALA.



Do you know a young African with leadership potential? Nominate them for the Diploma Program.

At ALA, we recognize that young leaders can be found in all corners of society, and we are dedicated to finding them. That’s why we have a nomination process that allows community members to bring outstanding young leaders to our attention.

If you know a high school student, as young as 13 years old, who has demonstrated leadership potential in your community, we encourage you to nominate them using the form below. By doing so, you give them the opportunity to join our diverse community of young leaders from across Africa and around the world. We will carefully review all nominations and reach out to the nominee to encourage them to apply.


ALA Admissions Non-Discrimination Policy

We do not discriminate, and we are able to serve students from differing backgrounds and abilities who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership potential. The Academy is committed to basing judgments concerning the admission of individuals upon their qualifications and abilities. The Academy’s policy with respect to admissions is consistent with African Leadership Academy’s policy on non-discrimination. ALA does not discriminate on the basis of gender (identity or expression), race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity (or tribal affiliation), wealth, or income.