من فرص العمل والتدريب ، والتدريب المهني إلى المؤتمرات وفرص التطوير المهني في جميع أنحاء العالم ، توفر ALA للخريجين إمكانية الوصول مدى الحياة إلى فرص قوية تسرع من تأثيرهم ورحلات القيادة.

Alumni Opportunities

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Careers and Internships

Africa Careers Network (ACN) is a unique platform available to students and graduates of ALA and scholars of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program, connecting them to career and internship opportunities across Africa. ALA has a dedicated team based in Johannesburg which works with graduates on a one-on-one basis to place them in meaningful career and internship opportunities which are well-aligned with interests and career objectives. ACN has a network of over 500 partner organizations and since its inception, has placed over 500 talented young Africans in leading organisations on the African continent such as BioTherm Energy, Google, The Coca-Cola Company and Equity Bank.

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Career Mentorship and Coaching

Career Mentorship and Coaching

ALA offers a number of platforms to help prepare its young leaders for internships or jobs:

ACN Learning Centre: In order to help prepare ALA’s young leaders for internship or job interviews or for the workplace in general, ACN offers its ALA students and graduates access to an online learning centre, as well as regular webinars on an array of skills relating to preparing for applying, interviewing and performing well in a job or internship.

ACN Peer Coaches: ACN Peer Coaches provide valuable professional mentoring to fellow young leaders in the ALA network. In particular, Peer Coaches offer guidance on writing resumes and cover letters, practicing for interviews and developing professional etiquette. Peer Coaches are also available to help advise ALA students and graduates on the internship application process.

المؤتمرات المحلية والعالمية

After students have graduated from the Academy, ALA continues to actively connect its graduates to global networks like the Aspen Institute, the World Economic Forum, the Clinton Global Initiative and TED, where our young leaders share their ideas for Africa’s transformation and foster the connections that will enable them to translate vision to action.

المؤتمرات المحلية والعالمية