103 Amazing Young Leaders Offered Admission to ALA's Second Class

The ALA Admissions Office received over 2500 applications from 41 countries for the second ALA class, which will enter in September 2009. This was reduced to 350 finalists for admission, and from that number 103 amazing young leaders were offered admission.

The 2500 applications represented a 50% increase over the number of applications for spaces in the Inaugural class, and is indicative of increasing awareness of the Academy and the amazing amount of leadership potential across the continent.  On September 1, 2009, African Leadership Academy expects to be the home to over 180 students from 36 countries across the continent!

During the 2009 admissions process, ALA received applications from previously un-represented countries including Algeria, Angola, Mauritania, Mozambique, and Somalia. We look forward to welcoming several new nationalities and cultures to our campus this year. The admitted students ranged from 14 — 19 years old, with slightly more girls admitted than boys.

The students of our second class will continue the traditions set by our Inaugural Class, bringing a unique and informed perspective to classroom discussions and helping us grow in our understanding of the challenges and opportunities across the continent.