ALA Baraza: Power Careers Of Young Leaders In South Africa and Uganda

July has been marked by Africa Careers Network Barazas, preparing young leaders across the continent to enter the job market.

For the past decade, ALA has prepared its graduates to enter high-impact careers in Africa. This has been enabled by the MasterCard Foundation’s support of Africa Careers Network, an ALA program that connects ALA graduates and MasterCard Foundation Scholars to jobs on the African continent. As the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program has expanded dramatically across the continent, ALA has expanded its offering to serve these scholars with programming that enables the transition from university to career. 

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On July 6-8, 84 MasterCard Foundation scholars from across Africa came to the Baraza event in Sandton, South Africa, followed by 71 scholars in Uganda attending a Baraza in Kampala from July 12-15. At these events, scholars supported each other to develop their CVs, interview with potential employers, and prepare for the transition to the workplace. Some scholars were also able to identify mentors that would help them manoeuvre their pathways in chosen careers.

“This program has demonstrated that in just two days of training, exceptional young people can make dramatic advances in their preparation for the job market,” said Ayado Ewinyu, Director of Africa Careers Network at ALA. “These scholars are exceptional; by building their confidence in communicating their experiences and aspirations, they will be prepared to accelerate rapidly in their careers.”

Did You Know? ACN has secured 1183 internships and 214 jobs since its inception in 2012.

Would you like to offer an internship or post a career opportunity for a young African leader? Click here to find out more about ACN, and how your organisation can benefit from partnering with our  program.

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