ALA Invests in Early Career Transitions at 2019 Professional Development Barazas

During the month of July, Africa Careers Network hosted two successful professional development conferences, called “Barazas”, in South Africa and Uganda, welcoming participants from 18 countries in the ALA alumni network and the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program network.

Baraza participants engage in Question & Answer session

The Barazas, which were themed – “Building Bridges: Positioning Young Professionals for Local Impact”, reflected the different needs of the participants in closing the skills gaps in their local communities while providing lessons on how to build their careers and brands in the world of work. The sessions covered professional development skills, contemporary career development best practices relevant to the African and global workplace, and exploration of platform for mutual learning between emerging talents and employing organizations.

Group discussion at Johannesburg Baraza

According to Ayado Ewinyu, Director of Africa Careers Network, “This year’s Barazas in Uganda and South Africa demonstrated the need for a great intersection between employers’ willingness to support the development of highly capable young people with the need and desire for the young people to learn and develop skills that dramatically prepare them for the transition from learning to earning”.

ACN’s Amanda Chukura facilitates conversation at Johannesburg Baraza

What is the African Careers Network:

Established in 2012 in partnership with The Mastercard Foundation, Africa Careers Network (ACN) connects outstanding young talent from African Leadership Academy (ALA) and The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program to career and internship opportunities across Africa. ACN seeks to facilitate Africa’s economic and social development through Africa’s youth, enabling our network of young leaders to give back to their communities through internships, and to engage with potential employers. ACN provides organisations with early access to a pipeline of entrepreneurial young leaders with a pan-African outlook.

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