We are delighted to launch the African Leadership Academy Medallion for Exemplary Citizenship which recognizes outstanding pre-IGCSE students in African schools who demonstrate leadership potential in their communities and beyond. In interactions with their peers, ALA Medallion winners have demonstrated that they have the potential to be agents of positive change on the African continent and exemplified one of the values of diversity, excellence, curiosity, humility, compassion, and integrity. Medallion winners are recognized at a special event hosted by representatives of African Leadership Academy in their countries and awarded a distinctive badge, a certificate, and a special merit scholarship towards attending the Global Scholars Program in 2015. Medallion winners join a network of young entrepreneurial leaders across Africa poised to bring transformative change to their communities and will gain exclusive access to ALA events in their country.

The ALA Medallion Award was launched in October 2014 and conferred to eight nominees from Nigeria and Zimbabwe. Outstanding students were honored at special events in Ibadan and Harare respectively.

In Nigeria, the ALA Medallion for Exemplary Citizenship was awarded at Maverick College, Ibadan on Tuesday October 14th, 2014 by Mr. Faith Abiodun and Mrs Kofo Kuyinu. Earlier in the year, four students from Maverick College had been nominated to receive the award for modelling the values of excellence, humility, curiosity, diversity, integrity, and compassion in their school community. Miss Yeshua Adedeji, Mr Adewale Olukosho, Miss Bisola Mariam Lateef and Mr Feranmi Fola-Emmanuel, all students at Maverick College, received their medallions to the enthusiastic cheers of an audience of their peers, teachers, and parents during a special assembly. The winners were encouraged to continue to work hard and to distinguish themselves by realizing their leadership potential during the remainder of their school year.

In Zimbabwe, the ALA Medallion for Exemplary Citizenship was awarded at St. Georges College, Harare on Saturday September 26th, 2014 by Ms. Wadzi Katsidzira and Mr Gavin Peter. The winners were selected for demonstrating their leadership in the Arts and for modelling excellence for their peers. Mr Sam Brakarsh (Hellenic Academy), Miss Lara van Schie (Chisipite Senior School), Mr Thulani Nzonzo (St Georges College), and Mr Reece Williams (St John’s College) were honored by their peers, teachers, and parents at the ceremony. The Medallion winners also participated in a BUILD workshop along with 38 students from ALA’s partners in Zimbabwe.

African Leadership Academy thanks its partners in Nigeria and Zimbabwe for helping to identify and celebrate emerging young leaders across the continent. The Academy is excited to engage even more students with leadership potential in their schools and who embody the values of integrity, humility, excellence, compassion, diversity, and curiosity.

To nominate a pre-IGCSE student from your school for the African Leadership Academy Medallion for Exemplary Leadership please send an email to requesting more information. Please note that only students between the ages of 14 and 16 at the date of nomination are eligible for the award.