ALA Students Sweep 2012 Science Olympiad

ALA students swept the stage at the Southern Africa Science Olympiad, held on June 28th, 2012.

Our students represented four of the top five performers in Physical Sciences, as well as four of the top five performers in Life Sciences, selected over the 22,400 candidates from South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.


Our students also bagged the prizes for the top girl learner in both Life and Physical Sciences across the board, as well as the prize for the top performing school. ALA students carried out laptops, desktops, and vouchers for books and lab equipment, a remarkable testament to amazing teachers and technicians within our science department.

We are particularly proud to note that  the vast majority of the winners are full-scholarship students, and attended government schools prior to coming to ALA. By the end of their two years at ALA, though, they were winning the Olympiad against the likes of peers from schools such as Bishops, St. Stithians, and St. Albans in South Africa. Kudos to our students and science faculty!

Here are the profiles of our student winners!

Tafadzwa Matika from Zimbabwe won the award for the top paper in Physical Sciences. In the Fall, Tafadzwa will be attending the University of North Carolina on a Robertson Scholar. Jason Saroni from Lesotho is an aspiring scientist, winning second place in Physical Sciences. Jason will be attending Notre Dame university on a Hesburgh-Yusko merit scholarship.
Kirubel Tsegaye from Ethiopia, third for the Physical Science paper, will be attending Cornell University in the Fall. John Keto from Tanzania came in fifth for his paper in the Physical Sciences. He is attending the University of Richmond in Virginia in the Fall.
Marie Elimbi Moudio, Cameroon, was the top girl learner in Physical Sciences. She will be attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the Fall. Maurice Bukenya from Uganda came first for his paper in Life Sciences. Maurice is finalizing his applications to universities and internships for next year.
Francis Appeadu-Mensah from Ghana won the second prize in Life Sciences. He will be attending Tufts University in the Fall. Tian Chan Dong shared second place with Francis Appeadu-Mensah, as well as bagging the prize for the top girl learner in Physical Sciences. She will be attending Duke University on a full scholarship.
Stanley Ewala from Cameroon, fifth in Physical Sciences, will be attending Williams College in the Fall of 2012.